The IV International Festival of Oriental Music

RUMIFEST – Where West meets East

The place, where East meets West… Such a place does not exist only as a point in a geographical map, but also in a soul of every man, where our mind meets our feelings, where thoughts and emotions abide in harmony.
Art, music and poetry unite all the people despite the West or the East, grown in different traditions, speaking different languages, unlike and unusual. Art reveals the beauty of creation, the depth of our feelings and experiences, inspires to express one’s внутреннего мира. We are glad to invite you to share with us this wonderful feast of music and culture, which is going to be held for the fourth time in the hospitable capital of Latvia – the city of Riga from 29 September till 1 October, 2017.
The major part of the festival program will be dedicated to traditional music of the East (Persian, Turkish, etc.) played by the worldwide known musicians from Iran and Turkey. The festival will offer a unique opportunity to get to know the sound of various traditional musical instruments.

The main festival events will take place in three concert venues of Riga:


29/09/2017 – Latvian Society house, Riga – the concert of Latif Bolat (Turkey)
30/09/2017 – Latvian Society house, Riga – the concert of Iranian music (classical Persian music players from Iran)
01/10/2017 – The Concert Hall of the Palace of Culture “Ziemelblazma” – the acustic concert of a Latvian musician, singer and composer – Igo (Rodrigo Fomins).


The following events are planned to be held in the framework of the Festival:

  • Sufi evenings (March – August, 2017)
  • exhibitions of great Turkish master of calligraphy (August-November, 2017):
  • The first exhibition is planned to be on display in August. It will feature the works by such masters of calligraphy as Mustafa Inan, Abdurakhman Depeler, Seyit Ahmet Depeler (Konya), Fatikh Ozkafa, Nurullah Ozdem (Istanbul).
  • Two master-classes in Ebru and Calligraphy are going to be given during the exhibition
  • The second exhibition will be held from 28 October, 2017 to 29 November, 2017 in Riga Bourse, which will be organized with participation and co-operation of “Destegül Güzel Sanatlar Merkezi” managed by a brilliant master of calligraphy Ali Kemal Kakan.
  • The exhibition will feature the pieces of calligraphy, Ebru, miniatures, ceramics, plates decorated with paintings. A master-class in calligraphy and Ebru is going to be given during the exhibition
  • Sema ceremony of the School of Mevlana dervishes (Konya, Turkey)
  • concerts of Hindustani musicians – performers of devotional Sufi music QAWWALI (July, 2017)
  • press-conference with participants of the Festival
The Festival is organized by the society “AUSTRUMU KULTŪRAS CENTRS”. The major activities of the society are related to promotion of Oriental culture, traditions and music in Europe. The society holds regularly various events – educating seminars, charity concerts, evenings of poetry and music, with participation of outstanding musicians from Latvia, and guests from Lithuania, Estonia, Iran, Turley and other countries of the world. These events are meant for those, who are interested in music, poetry and culture of the East. The society also does the charity work, helping orphans, disabled and the elderly.