25-27 September 2015

It is already for two years in a row when at the end of September Riga will welcome the Oriental Music Festival “RUMI FEST”.
This year the festival will feature 19 musicians from Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Greece, Iran, Turkey and Israel that perform music in world, folk, ethno styles. You will hear at the concerts the sounds of unique oriental musical instruments, such as kamanche, santur, tanbur, duduk, ney, daf, and many others.

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26-28 September 2014

The I International Festival of Mystic Music “The Touch of Eternity” is held to honour the birthday of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi – the great Persian poet and Sufi mystic, known as in the East, as in the West. UNESCO declared year 2007 as Rumi Year, coincided with the 800th anniversary of the Great Mystic’s birthday.
The Festival aims for giving an opportunity to feel the invisible bond between spiritual and material, between dream and reality. The Festival is held in Latvia, in Riga, and symbolizes the inimitable bridge between faraway past and present, built on everlasting supports of beauty, harmony of sound, desire of unity in cultures and hearts.

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