Rumi Fest

Alper Akcay

alper_bAlper Akcay is from Istanbul, where he graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University, the Department of Visual Communication Design and completed his master’s degree at the same department and school. In addition to his education in Visual Communication, he has improved himself in the fields of movement and dance through workshops and contemporary dance schools. Since 2003, he has been involved with multidisciplinary projects; and collaborating with other artists in nationally and internationally. Also, he is a member of Istanbul Contemporary Theatre and Experimental Art Society Association and Unesco International Dance Council CID. In recent years, he has been creating his own visual and performance projects integrating traditional and contemporary approaches.


He has been greatly inspired by Sufi sacred rituals and dance movement traditions in his authentic whirling performances. Despite his close relationships with many musicians in many genres, for the moment, he mostly improvises with music instruments and his own voice. He enjoy playing his instruments of mouth harp, bendir and Çeng. He also uses electronic music and sound recording technologies in his installation projects.



Alper Akcay alex phot cropped Photo by Nina Sharabati - Lebanon